Why I wish I didn’t get the iPhone 4

Ok so here’s the deal. I used to have a iPhone 3G. It was really slow. Then it took a ride through my washing machine. Full cycle, bubbles, fabric softener, the whole deal. I took it out of the washer dripping wet and everything. It was off obviously, with no hope of turning on. I dried it in rice, which actually worked, with a few problems. The vibrate ceased to work, the camera wouldn’t take pics, the GPS was horribly off, and the battery got worse and worse every day.

So when the new iPhone 4 was released I figured I might as well get one.  A couple weeks after it came out I waited in line outside an Apple store with the other sheep, sweating in the hot sun on the sidewalk for an hour and a half.  Got my phone knowing about the issues, but thinking it wouldn’t be that bad.

Lets start with the antenna issue.  Yes – it happens for real.  I updated my software to 4.0.1 thinking it was the magical fix for the antenna.  Wrong.  At my house I can make the phone go from 5 bars to 3.  At the office from 5 to 2.  Its unbelievable.  Yes, I’ve dropped calls because I was ‘holding the phone wrong’ according to Steve Jobs (link).   Ok, so I figure I’ll order my free bumper case that Steve promised would fix all my problems.  Bumper case comes in the mail, I happily put it on.  Great, now the phone sticks to the inside of my pocket.  Not used to that but I suppose I’ll have to.

I also had a problem with the proximity sensor.  Basically holding the phone to my ear is supposed to turn of the screen so I don’t do funny things like hang up on people, put them on hold by touching the screen to my ear.  Never had a problem with it on the old iPhone, but definitely having issues with the iPhone 4.   Now once you get the bumper case on that phone it makes it even worse.  I’m actually pushing that phone against my ear hard to keep the screen turned off.  Ouch.

By this point I’m really starting to get frustrated.  Let me tell you what else sucks about Apple’s fix for the antenna (the free bumper case).  My Sony headphones don’t fit with the case on.  I can’t charge it using the dock or connect it to my ihome alarm clock.  So I don’t use the bumper.  And drop calls..

Sure the screen is nice, the battery lasts so much longer than my old 3G, and it looks amazing, but I can’t imagine how it made it to the public with these problems.  I guess I’m a sucker for buying it.  I hope they can find a way to fix these problems with some updated software or something because I’m sick of hanging up on people, dropping calls, and having so many ‘catches’ to use the latest and greatest phone on the market.

My recommendation – if you have the iPhone 3GS, don’t bother with this one.  If you have an iPhone 3G, wait until they fix the problems – hopefully this month.